Titmus V2 Vision Screener

Titmus V2 Vision Screener
Titmus V2 Vision Screener
Item# V2
Slide Package: 

The Titmus V2 Vision Screener instrument features a compact, foldable, lightweight design, ergonomics for patient comfort, standardized test illumination and integrated handle for ease of transport. A variety of vision tests are available for the Titmus V2 to screen for visual acuity, muscle balance (horizontal and vertical phoria), depth perception, color perception, and binocular vision. Peripheral vision testing can be performed in the horizontal visual field at 85, 70, 55 and nasal 45 for each eye.

Note: Aeromedical model slide package meets FAA equipment requirements for aviation certification testing and provides a superior method of administering the aviation medical examination.

V-Series vision screeners feature a unique design that accommodates both adults and children, either standing or seated. This ensures patient is in a comfortable position for testing Imperative for efficient and accurate vision testing. The fluorescent light source improves slide illumination, replicates actual daylight conditions and provides true color testing. Light will give years of extended service (10,000 hours). The instrument has a manual wheel to advance test slides and includes built-in membrane switches to occlude each eye and control peripheral vision test lights. Soft headrest ensures correct head position and is easy to clean.

There are a total of 16 tests per vision screener, based on slide package selected:

Optional Accessories for the Titmus V2 Vision Screener include the following:

You may wish to downloand a factory brochure regarding the Titmus V2 Vision Screener and slides, or quickly summarize differences between the V2 and V4 models, using a side-by-side comparison of V4 and V2 features: Titmus V4 and V2 Vision Screener Comparison Chart PDF.