Volk Transcend Vold Gonio (TVG) Lens

Volk TVG Transcend Vold Gonio Lens
Volk TVG Transcend Vold Gonio Lens

Volk TVG Transcend Vold Gonio Lens
Volk's Transcend Vold Gonio (TVG) Lens was developed in collaboration with Transcend Medical, and has been designed specifically for MIGS and all intraoperative gonioscopy procedures. The TVG's unique floating lens feature, with stabilization ring and multiple pivot points, provides ocular control not possible with current surgical gonio lenses.

The TVG Lens Stabilizes and controls the globe throughout the procedure, minimizes pressure on the cornea to maintain clear angle visualization without anterior chamber distortion. The TVG Lens allows you to visualize iridocorneal angle in primary phaco position, with minimal microscope and head adjustments.

When using the TVG, as with other fixation rings, confirm adequate anesthesia is used prior to beginning the operation. If using topical anesthesia only, ensure to prepare the patient prior to contacting the eye. Patient head and microscope may be adjusted as needed for optimal anterior chamber angle visualization. Ensure adequate lid speculum selection and opening to provide sufficient clearance for the TVG cleat ring. After placement of the TVG on the patientís eye, a sponge or cotton swab may be used to adjust the floating goniolens to optimize angle visualization.

  • Image Magnification: 1.2x
  • Contact Diameter: 9mm
  • Handle Length: 84mm
  • Stabilization Ring Diameter: 14mm

The Volk Transcend Vold Gonio (TVG) lens is compatible with both steam and gas sterilization.