Reichert Tonopen XL Hand Held Applanation Tonometer

Reichert Tonopen XL Hand Held Tonometer
Reichert Tonopen XL Hand Held Tonometer
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The Reichert Tonopen is an easy to use, portable, hand held applanation tonometer, which provides fast and accurate IOP readings. The Reichert Tono-Pen XL utilizes micro strain gage technology and a 1.0 mm transducer tip. The Tono-Pen is gently tapped on the cornea to obtain four independent measurements. The tonopen displays an average of the four readings, along with a statistical confidence index, ensuring accurate, repeatable, and reliable results. Sanitized tip covers (Ocufilm) are used to minimize the risk of cross contamination. The Reichert Tonopen comes with carrying case, one box of tono tip covers, spare batteries, and an instructional video. The IOP readings of the Tonopen correlate closely with Goldmann Tonometry.