One Meter Tangent Screen Only 22.5

Tangent Screen Only
Tangent Screen Only
Item# OS-501S

One Meter Roll-up Tangent Screen Only: The 22.5 Tangent Screen provides an accurate method of charting the central and para-central field of vision. It is invaluable in diagnosing pathological conditions. Field testing is executed at a distance of 1 meter. Importantly, this screen is made with the finest available black felt to insure non-reflectivity. All markings are stitched in semi-visible black thread (exaggerated above) showing concentric circles, radial lines, and blind spots. These markings insure ease of testing, scoring, and transcribing the mapped fields for visual field analysis. A bright fixation button is attached at center. This replacement Roll-Up Tangent Screen is only part of Western Optical's Complete Tangent Screen Kit. Supplied with mounting brackets.

Please note: The OS-501S is a screen only. For a complete tangent screen set, including accessories, please see Tangent Screen Kit.