Swift Eaglet Birding Binocular 7x, 36 HCF - (374ft.) - 20.6 oz. R.L.E. 43.5

Swift Eaglet Birding Binoculars
Swift Eaglet Birding Binoculars
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The Swift Eaglet is a weterproof, rubber armored birding binocular. This light weight roof prism binocular with phase coating will focus from 5.9 feet to infinity, making the glass ideal for butterfly or bird watching or any outdoor enthusiast. Its Kellner ocular system and three objective lenses eliminate spherical aberration & coma and reduce astigmatism, which results in especially high resolving power. Multi-coating on the ocular and objective lenses plus magenta fully coated optics give an especially bright image in fair or foul weather. Its high eye point of 16mm provides a full field for eyeglass wearers. Supplied complete with Cordura case broad woven neck strap. Attractively gift boxed.