Deep-Vue Stereo Slide Viewer

Deep-Vue Stereo Slide Viewer
Deep-Vue Stereo Slide Viewer
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If you employ stereo fundus photography or fluorescein slit lamp photography as a diagnostic, reference or educatonal tool, the Deep-Vue Stereo Slide Viewer is for you! Utilizing long eye relief and positive focusing, this stereo slide viewer provides back lighting to evaluate 3D fundus camera photography, particularly stereo optic disc photos.

The Deepvue Stereo Slide Viewer is available in three different models to accomodate the following slide types:

  • Model OS-010: Original Stereo Slide Viewer accomodates 100mm x 40mm slides. (Now Discontinued)

  • Model OS-020: Stereo Pair Slide Viewer is specifically designed for ophthalmic stereo photography on 35mm film, mounted in 50mm x 50mm slide pairs.

  • Model OS-030: Deluxe Slide Viewer accomodates both slide types.
The illumination system automatically senses the insertion of slides, yet turns off when set aside. The Deep-Vue Stereo Slide Viewer is supplied with alkaline batteries and a spare bulb.

Discontinued. Please contact us for possible service or repair of existing instrument: (800) 426-9938 or email.