Reichert Snellen Card Holder, Phoroptor Near Point Acuity Card

Reichert Snellen Card Holder
Reichert Snellen Card Holder
Item# 16231

Reichert Snellen Card Holder
Reichert's Snellen Card Holder is a multi-variety phoroptor near point acuity card device, which improves upon and replaces the Near Point Rotochart. The Reichert 16231 Phoroptor Snellen Card Holder has been redesigned to incorporate both Rotochart and Card Holder into a single unit.

Click to enlarge Reichert Snellen Card HolderAll of the optotypes, targets and symbols are the same. However, the Reichert Snellen Card Holder features a hinge which allows the card holder to fold flush when the reading rod is raised, and click nicely back into position when it is lowered.

The Snellen Card Holder is designed for the American Optical (A.O.) Reichert Phoroptor. The Phoroptor Snellen Acuity Card Holder exposes 12 sets of test characters without changing multiple cards. The target number is displayed in a separate window above each chart. Made of durable matte-plastic, this rotating double sided test includes:

Front Side:
  • Card 1: Reading 20/60 to 20/20
  • Card 2: Reduced Snellen 20/50 to 20/20
  • Card 3: Cross Cylinder Grid (fine lines)
  • Card 4: Horizontal Line of Letters
  • Card 5: Single Row of 20/20 Letters
  • Card 6: Nearpoint of Astigmatic Chart

Reverse Side:
  • Card 7: Reading 20/200 to 20/80
  • Card 8: Reduced Snellen 20/200-20/60
  • Card 9: Trifocal Chart
  • Card 10: Vertical Line of Letters
  • Card 11: 7 Rows of 20/20 Letters
  • Card 12: Cross Cylinder Grid (heavy lines)

Also available with automatic illumination! Please See: NearBright™ Illuminated Near Vision Kit