Driver Education Slides for Titmus iSeries Vision Screeners

Titmus Vision Screener Driver Education Slides
Titmus Vision Screener Driver Education Slides

Driver education vision testing slides for Titmus models V4, and V2 are included as a package (above) with your new vision screener instrument, or are available individually.

Slide 18083 (Test No. 1, SA-BRL-40) tests visual acuity. All lines at 20/40. Selection of test lines eliminates memorization.

Slide 18082 (Test No. 2, SA-BRL-4) measure visual acuity. Results are calibrated at 20/20, 20/30, 20/40, 20/50, 20/70, 20/100 and 20/200. Tests can be administerd binocularly or with either eye occluded.

Slide 18072 (Test No. 3, SCI-1) Gross Test Color Identification tests the ability to recognize traffic colors.

Slide 18105 (Test No. 4, SSR-SD) tests sign recognition and depth perception.

Slide 18107 (Test No. 5, SAB 70/40) tests ability to read traffic signs in acuity ratinags of 20/40 and 20/70.

Slide 18084 (Test No. 6, SA-BRL-N2) measures visual acuity and is an alternate to test 2 (18082). Sometimes people who cannot recognize letters can recognize numbers.

Slide 18073 (Test No. 7, SLP-1) measures lateral phoria. Desirable phoria scores are associated with quick, accurate eye fixations and precise, effortless seeing.

Slide 18089 (Test No. 8, SVP-1) measures vertical balance between the two eyes. Good vertical alignment is an important factor in comfortable, efficient, two-eyed vision and is related to efficiency in most occupations.