Near Point Rotochart for A.O./Reichert Phoroptor

Near Point Rotochart
Near Point Rotochart
Item# OS-1999

Near Point Rotochart
Near Point Rotochart for American Optical (A.O.) Reichert Phoroptor. This is the original (non-generic) Reichert Near Point Rotochart which was designed for use with Ultramatic Phoroptor. The unique Rotochart exposes 12 sets of test characters without changing multiple cards. The target number is displayed in a separate window above each chart. Made of durable matte-plastic, this rotating double sided test includes:

Front Side Chart 1: Reading 20/60 to 20/20

Front Side Chart 2: Reduced Snellen 20/50 to 20/20

Front Side Chart 3: Cross Cylinder Grid (fine lines)

Front Side Chart 4: Horizontal Line of Letters

Front Side Chart 5: Single Row of 20/20 Letters

Front Side Chart 6: Nearpoint of Astigmatic Chart

Reverse Side Chart 7: Reading 20/200 to 20/80

Rvs. Side Chart 8: Reduced Snellen 20/200-20/60

Reverse Side Chart 9: Cross Cyl. Grid (heavy lines)

Reverse Side Chart 10: Vertical Line of Letters

Reverse Side Chart 11: 7 Rows of 20/20 Letters

Reverse Side Chart 12: Trifocal Chart

Convenient Reading Rod, Near Point Card Holder, and Rotochart. Full 28" rod to trifocal ranage. Smoothly gliding, rotating card holder.

Please also see new: 16231 Reichert Snellen Card Holder which a redesigned combination of the Rotochart and Card Holder. This instrument is also available with automatic illumination. Please See NearBright™ Illuminated Near Vision Kit