RGP Radius Tools

RGP Radius Tools
Item# RGP-Radius Tools
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Brass RGP Radius Tools are used for polishing and developing lens power and peripheral curves. Designed for commercial use in manufacturing and modification of hard and rigid gas permeable contact lenses. Tools fit #0 Morse Taper, and work nicely with the RGP-2000 Deluxe RGP Contact Lens Modification Unit.

Please Note: The following radius tools are standard. However, custom tools, made to your specifications, are available upon request. Please do not hesitate to call Western Ophthalmics. Standard Tools (in milimeters of radius) include:

40.00 Diopter / 8.44 Radius

41.00 Diopter / 8.23 Radius

42.00 Diopter / 8.04 Radius

43.00 Diopter / 7.85 Radius

44.00 Diopter / 7.67 Radius

45.00 Diopter / 7.50 Radius

46.00 Diopter / 7.34 Radius

47.00 Diopter / 7.18 Radius

48.25 Diopter / 7.00 Radius

RGP Radius Tools are supplied with an "O"-Ring to secure polishing materials.

Please Note: Velveteen Polishing Pads (pictured above) sold separately.