Reverse Snellen Letter Eye Chart

Reverse Snellen Letter Eye Chart
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The Reverse Snellen Letter Eye Chart is designed to be read by the patient through an Ophthalmic Viewing Mirror in order to achieve a greater viewing distance. This chart is useful when the exam room is too small for the patient to read a standard Snellen 20ft Distance Eye Chart (OS-3593) directly. This reverse letter chart is an exact mirror image of that chart.

The Reverse Snellen Visual Acuity Chart has a rating of: 20/15 to 20/200. This classic letter eye chart is made of extra strong, non-reflecting, matte finish cardboard, with a brass eyelet for wall mounting. Blue, red and green bars not only serve as a reference point, but also hint as to a patient's color perception. An interesting additional feature of this 10" x 28" Snellen Letter Test Chart is that it folds in half with a hinge for portability.