Reichert CT210 Goldmann Type Applanation Tonometer

Reichert CT210 Tonometer
Reichert CT210 Tonometer
Item# 12598

Reichert's CT210 Applanation Tonometer mounts on a Zeiss-Style slit lamp such as the XCEL 255 and swings down into position from above the slit lamp as required. The compact new CT210 tonometer, in its parked position does not interfere with the normal diagnostic use of the slit lamp. Important features of this goldmann-type tonometer include:

  1. Mounts easily to slit lamp microscope
  2. Unique swing-down positioning
  3. Measurement Range: 0 - 80 mmHG
  4. Measurment Accuracy: ± 0.5 mmHg
  5. Made in the USA

This H/S 870 Type tonometer is supplied with two contact prisms (doubling prisms). Please note: The 12597 tonometer mount is optional, yet essentially required, unless you already have one on your existing slit lamp.

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