Reichert ClearChart2 Digital Acuity System

Reichert Clear Chart Digital Acuity System
Reichert Clear Chart Digital Acuity System
Item# This item has been discontinued and is superseded by item see 13795

Reichert Clear Chart Digital Acuity System
Reichert's Clear Chart Digital Acuity System gives you a comprehensive solution for all your acuity chart needs. The ClearChart's purpose-built, all-in-one design is not only sleek and attractive to fit your refracting environment, it also eliminates the need for a PC or additional components.

Featuring an all-new 19 inch, high-contrast LCD flat panel screen weighing only 11.25lbs., the ClearChart2 can be mounted with its standard wall bracket or an optional Table Stand. The custom designed LINUX system is free of fans and hard disk drives, allowing silent, dependable operation in any exam room. A convenient infrared remote control enables activation of desired tests from virtually anywhere in the room.

The Reichert Clear Chart offers a variety of features to meet all of your requirements including: Wide range of optotypes, Random sequencing, Contrast sensitivity testing, Sine-Wave grating contrast sensitivity testing, ETDRS, Snellen, Patient education slides, and a Cartoon loop with sound for pediatric fixation. Red/Green feature is adjustable for compatibility with any refraction system. The ClearChart can be configured for direct or single mirrored viewing, further enhancing its simplicity and flexability.

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The ClearChart2 utilizes a medium that is familiar to patients of all ages. The system reduces patient memorization and can be used with the room lights on for added comfort. The ClearChart's Hearing Impared Patient Communication System facilitates more rapid and effective testing of patients with hearing difficulties. Consult your tax advisor, as your ClearChart2 purchase my qualify for Americans With Disabilities Act Tax Credit.