Swift Fire-Fly Pistol Scope 1x, 30mm Fogproof Ruby Coated

Pistol Scope
Pistol Scope
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This compact (5.375") scope with Variable Intensity FLOATING RED DOT is almost universal in use. Because it has no parallax and unlimited eye-relief, it permits shooting with both eyes open. It is, therefore, especially suitable for rapid handgun shooting, carbines, shotguns, and paint-ball guns and bows. Under any light condition, it is a fast aligning eletronic sight for pin-point accuracy.

It comes complete with the following accessories: A set of 30mm ring mounts fitting Weaver bases; Allen wrench; Lens caps with elastic string; Extension tubes; Polarizing filter; Lithium battery CR20232; LED Red-Dot with rheostat; and instruction manual. Gift boxed.