Reichert Phoroptor® VRx - Digital Refraction System

Reichert Phoroptor® VRx - Digital Refraction System
Reichert Phoroptor® VRx - Digital Refraction System

Reichert Phoroptor® VRx - Digital Refraction System
Reichert Phoroptor® VRx Digital Refraction System adapts easily to your practice, allowing you to rapidly perform all of the functions of a manual Phoroptor and much more, while comfortably seated next to your patient. The Reichert Phoroptor VRx sets a new standard in digital refraction. With the thinnest, most compact design available, incredibly fast lens exchanges, motorized prisms, split cylinder lenses, and ultra-quiet operation, Phoroptor VRx offers an outstanding patient experience. The 10.4" touchscreen display and ergonomic keypad features a multi-function control knob with unmatched feel and versatility. The intuitive interface has all the pre-programmed and programmable tests you’ll need for an exceptional user experience. The Reichert Phoroptor VRx Digital Refraction System connects to EMR systems as well as numerous models of pre-test and acuity devices from both Reichert and non-Reichert brands.

Click to enlarge Phoroptor VRx Profile Smallest Design & Strongest Impression: With the most compact digital refractor head available (12.2"W × 8"H × 2.8"D at 64 mm PD), Phoroptor VRx is non-intimidating and allows for greater patient visibility. The sleek, refined, high-tech styling of Phoroptor VRx will impress your current patients and help gain new patients. Thinnest Phoroptor Yet:  To prevent patients from experiencing tunnel vision, Phoroptor VRx has the thinnest lens profile of any digital refractor, at 26mm, it has a thinner profile than the manual Phoroptor.

Click to enlarge Phoroptor VRx Retractable PrismsMotorized Retractable Prism Lenses: To achieve the thinnest lens profile, the Reichert Phoroptor VRx has external motorized prisms that slide in and out only as needed.

Click to enlarge disassembled Phoroptor VRxPremium Parts, Construction & Assembly: Premium motors and a metal housing provide Phoroptor VRx with incredibly fast and ultra-quiet lens exchanges. Unlike other digital refactors, your patients will barely notice the lens movement. Reichert Phoroptor VRx is designed and hand-assembled by skilled technicians in Buffalo, New York, USA.

Click to enlarge Reichert Phoroptor VRx Split CylinderJackson Cross Cylinder, Smart Cylinder & Split Cylinder: Refinement of cylinder power and axis can be accomplished using the familiar Jackson Cross Cylinder or the innovative Smart Cylinder method where cylinder power and axis are automatically bracketed based on the amount of cylinder in the patient’s prescription. Reichert Phoroptor VRx also features a Split Cylinder mode, where patients are simultaneously presented with two targets.

Click to enlarge Phoroptor VRx Selectable DriveSelectable Drive Modes: To increase efficiency and allow refraction to be delegated to trained technicians, Phoroptor VRx features pre-programmed and programmable test options. You can choose from pre-programmed tests including astigmatism, phoria, binocular balance, and near vision. You can customize up to four user programmable sequences that can be easily modified or conveniently shared between multiple Phoroptor VRx systems.

Click to enlarge Phoroptor VRx Illuminated Near Point RotoChartIlluminated Near Point RotoChart: The new NearBright™ illuminated RotoChart near point card is automatically illuminated when the reading rod is lowered into position. It also features two different brightness settings. NearBright™ is supplied standard with Reichert VRX

Click to enlarge Reichert Phoroptor VRx Multifunctional Control KnobPrecise Handling, Control & Logical Keypad Design: The Phoroptor VRx controller features a logically and ergonomically arranged keypad, designed to enhance user experience. Buttons are grouped based on functionality for easy access: Gray for data, Blue for refraction, and Black for acuity. Buttons are also LED backlit for better visibility in dimly lit exam rooms. The Phoroptor VRx multi-function control knob is smooth rotating and has a solid feel comparable to the Ultramatic RX Master™ Phoroptor® dials you know and love.

Click to enlarge Reichert VRx Prescription ComparisonInstantly Compare Prescriptions: Quickly compare prescriptions with a single touch. Switch between final, subjective, unaided, auto refractor, or lensmeter data, allowing your patient to instantly visualize the difference in prescriptions.

Click to enlarge Reichert VRx Controller DashboardDigital Controller Dashboard: You can access all functions and settings of the intuitive user interface through the integrated 10.4 inch tilting, touchscreen display.

Phoroptor VRx ConnectsConnectivity: VRx connects! The Reichert Phoroptor VRx seamlessly connects to Reichert lensmeters, auto refractors, and acuity systems, such as ClearChart4X and ClearChart3P, along with a comprehensive list of non-Reichert compatible pre-screening and acuity devices.

Click to enlarge Phoroptor VRx Central Unit Wireless BluetoothBuilt-In Bluetooth®  Bluetooth is built into the Phoroptor VRx' Central Unit and Reichert Bluetooth adapters can be paired to connect an external instrument wirelessly.

Click to enlarge Phoroptor VRx EMR InegreationEffortless Integration & EMR Compatibility: Phoroptor VRx integrates effortlessly with an extensive list of EMR systems, removing the risk of transcription error and increasing patient throughput. The Reichert Phoroptor VRx can take advantage of an EMR system’s capability of bi-directional communication, allowing you to import and export refraction data.

The Phoroptor VRx system works seamlessly with Reichert pre-test equipment, and the more Reichert you buy, the more you save! Purchase one of the Reichert pre-test Instrument Bundles and receive a manufacturer’s rebate as follows:

Phoroptor VRx + LensChek = $300 rebate

Phoroptor VRx + OptoChek Plus = $400 rebate

Phoroptor VRx + LensChek + OptoChek Plus = $750 rebate