Neitz Medicospot Halogen Pen Light (MS)

Neitz Halogen Pen Light (Medicospot)
Neitz Halogen Pen Light (Medicospot)
Item# OS-6970
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The Neitz Medicospot Pen Light is a high quality ophthalmic instrument featuring a lens system which projects a brilliant, highly focused, spot of light (not unlike an ophthalmoscope). The spot size of this halogen medical penlight is 3cm at a distance of 15cm. The size of the light spot can also be varied by rotating the housing, much in the same manor as a focusing ring. This penlight spot instrument measures 6 inches long x 11/16 inches diameter. The Neitz MS Pen Light is supplied with two AAA batteries and a spare halogen light bulb (L-12). An interesting and unique penlight, the Neitz MS makes a great gift.

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