Pediatric Depth Perception Slide for Titmus iSeries Vision Screeners

Titmus Vision Screener Pediatric Depth Perception Slide
Titmus Vision Screener Pediatric Depth Perception Slide
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Recent Studies in the field of visual health for children indicate a need for comprehensive vision screening, especially for early detection of strabismus and amblyopia. To meet this demand, Titmus Optical is introducing new slides for its vision screener instruments designed spcifically to screen children for depth perception and muscle balance, both of which are tests to verify the coordinated use of both eyes.

Designed using a Random Dot Stereogram (RDS), this Pediatric Depth Perception Slide (S-PED-D) features three stereoscopic symbols, a square, a circle and a triangle. A cross in the middle of the slide provides for fixation. When viewed with both eyes, the three stereoscopic symbols will float in front of the background at 1200, 900 and 600 seconds of arc. Based on the principle of the Lang Stereo Test.