Volk Pan Retinal 2.2 Binocular Indirect Ophthalmoscopy Lens

Volk Pan Retinal 2.2 BIO Lens
Volk Pan Retinal 2.2 BIO Lens
Item# VPRC

The Volk Pan Retinal 2.2 Lens (VPRC) uniquely combines magnification nearly that of the 20D lens with a field of view approaching that of the 30D lens. Excellent for virtually every examination procedure, including small pupil examinations. The Volk Pan Retianl Lens is also available for the Argon/Diode Laser, VDIPRC.

Image Magnification: 2.68x

Laser Spot Magnification: 0.37x

Static Field of View: 56/73 degrees

Working Distance: 40mm