Optivisor Visor Light "Visorlite" Clip-On Illumination for Optivisor Headband Magnifying Loupe

Optivisor Visorlite Clip-On Head Light
Optivisor Visorlite Clip-On Head Light
Item# OS-656LS / OS-656LL
Cord Lenghth: 

The Optivisor Visor Light illuminates your magnified viewing area. Ideal for the professional or hobbiest. The headlight piviots up or down, providing easy control of extra hands-free light. Clips on to the Optivisor Headband Binocular Magnifier. The tiny AA battery pack (batteries not included)is available with a 10" cord (OS-656LS) for visor mounting, or a 42" cord (OS-656LL), for pocket or belt attachment. Please see Surgical for more powerful headlights.