Viewing Mirror

Ophthalmic Viewing Mirror
Ophthalmic Viewing Mirror
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The Western Optical Viewing Mirror is designed to be mounted in front of the patient, and allows reading of acuity chart images, reflected by the projection mirror and projected on the screen behind. Images are restored to the right way round, and viewed at an equivalent of 20 feet, even in rooms as small as 7 feet. The Viewing Mirror is a high quality 1/4" thick mirror, with a hand made 11"x15" solid oak frame. Supplied with standard 3 point mounting hardware, consisting of long machine screws, tabs, nuts and anchors. Western Optical Ophthalmic Viewing Mirror is also available with optional easy to install swivel mount. Discontinued / superseded item - order while supplies last.

Please Note: This item is out of stock without a foreseeable delivery date. Please use new Frugal Viewing Mirror which includes swivel mount.