Optivisor Binocular Magnifier

Optivisor Headband Binocular Magnifying Loupe
Optivisor Headband Binocular Magnifying Loupe
Item# OS-656 Headband
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The Optivisor Binocualrar Headband Loupe provides "hands-free" magnification. It includes the glass lens plate for excellent optics and adjustable head band. Please specify the desired lens power. Note: The higher the power,the more magnification. However,the higher the power, the shorter the focal length, and the closer you will have to be to your work. For example, a 1.5 power lensplate will provide a working distace of about 20", a 1.8 power will provide 13", 2.0 will provide 10", a 2.5 will provide 8", 2.7 will provide 6", and a 3.5 power will provide a working distance of about 4". For enhanced performance, the Visor Light is also available for illuminated magnification


Opti-Loupe Auxiliary Lens
The Opti-Loupe Auxiliary Lens provides an additional 2.5x for high magnification. Attaches easily to the Optivisor Binocular Headband Loupe, and flips down only when needed for extra magnification.
Opti-Loupe Auxiliary Lens OS-656A
Visor Light
The Visor Light Clip-On Head Light is extremely small and light weight. This headlight can be clipped on to the head band with standard 10" cord. The Visor Light is also available with extra long 42" cord which allows the power supply to be clipped to your belt or carried in a pocket.
Visor Light OS-656 Light
Cord Lenghth: