Optical Dispensing

Opticians can count on Western Ophthalmics for optical dispensing tools and instruments. PD Ruler, Screw drivers, optical pliers, special tools such as compression rimless pliers are in stock for immediate delivery. Western is particularly equipped to supply core instruments such as the distometer, frame warmer, lens clock, pupilometer and ultrasonic cleaner.

Small Ultrasonic Cleaner
Extra Large Capasity Ultrasonic Cleaner
Haag-Streit Type Distometer Set
Hot Box Frame Warmer
Reichert PDM Digital Pupillometer
Essilor Digital Pupilometer
Essilor PAL-ID2 Progressive Lens Identifier 3-in-1 Inspection Station
Chain Nose/Nylon Plier
Western Optical Finger Piece Plier
Chain Nose Plier
Nose Pad Adjusting Plier
Nose Pad Popping Plier
Side Cutter Plier
Spring Clamp Screw Driver
Stealth Screw Driver
Phillips Optical Screw Driver Blades
Screw Extractor Blades
Nut Wrench Blade
Western Optical Dispensing Tool Case
Lens Thickness Gauge Caliper
Lens Clock
Grobet-Vigor Large Optician's Tool Case
Soft Tech Lens Cleaning Wipers
Spring Hinge Plier Kit
Rimless Bracing Plier
Silhouette Titan Mounting Plier
Optical Screw Catcher
Optical Screw Finishing / Deburring Tool
Tri-Angling Plier
Pad Arm Curving Plier
Universal Nut Grabber
Glass Beads for Frame Warmer
Small Glass Beads for Frame Warmer
Optical Zyl File
Optical Taps
Swarf Removal Tool
Pantoscopic Angler Plier
Finger Piece Plier
Premium Stainless Steel Side Cutter
Economy Screwdriver and Hex Wrench Set.
Optical Zyl File Kit
Vigor Chain Nose Pliers
Snipe Nose Pliers
Eyewire Sizing Pliers
Ultra-Slim Chain/Snipe Nose Pliers
Slimline Chain Nose Pliers
Western Optical Guild Long Nose Chain Plier
European Nose Pad Adjusting Plier
Cold Bend Pliers
Rimless Post Pulling Plier
Nose Pad Popper
Optical Screw Holding Tweezers
Self-Closing Optical Screw Holding Tweezers
PD RulersLens Turning Plier with Curved Pads
Opticians Screw Driver
Optical Tap Handle
Parallel Jaw End Piece Plier
Essilor Pupillometer Nose Pads
Lensometer Ink
Digital Hot Air Frame Warmer
Reusable Job Tray Tags
Hard Clamshell Eyeglass Cases (Box of 25)
Optical Job Trays - Case of 24