Very Small Taps for Optical Eyeglass Repair

Optical Taps
Optical Taps
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Improve your ability to salvage stripped barrels. Avoid juggling the screw driver, nut driver, and frame. Permanently attach side shields. These tiny optical sized taps often save the day.

56.012 for 1.2mm diam Screw, Metric Drill 61
56.013 for 1.3mm diam Screw, Metric Drill 58
56.014 for 1.4mm diam Screw, Metric Drill 56
56.016 for 1.6mm diam Screw, Metric Drill 55
56.127 for 1.27mm diam Screw, Domestic Drill 56
56.138 for 1.38mm diam Screw, Domestic Drill 56

Taps are supplied in packages of three. Please also see swivel Optical Tap Handle.