Oculus Easyfield Compact Perimeter & Visual Field Screener

Oculus Easyfield Compact Perimeter
Oculus Easyfield Compact Perimeter
Item# 56930

The Oculus Easyfield is an exciting new compact perimeter to do automatic static perimetry up to 30 degrees eccentricity. It has been designed for the combined use as a visual field screener and perimeter, offering features usually available only in large units. The Easyfields integrated bowl with a 30cm radius and distance corrected lens is adapted to the Goldmann standard and fulfills the ISO-norm 12866 for perimeters. The Easyfield has a fixed point grid with 79 test locations including 30-2. The built-in CCD camera provides direct patient observation, making fixation monitoring easy. Instrument includes hand control unit plus integrated printer and software for; exact threshold, fast threshold, and supra-threshold test methods. Also included is software for patient data management & storage for up to 40,000 exams in hand control unit. Your choice of 3 different grids, 30-2, 24-2, 10-2, plus selection of individual points or sectors.

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