Standard Occluders

Standard Occluders
Standard Occluders
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Standard Occluders
Standard Occluders (25cm) are cupped to a 70mm radius. Single or double ended occluders are available with various combinations of plain, red, and red Maddox Rod lenses. Maddox Rods are used in conjunction with prisms to measure lateral and vertical phoria in both near and distance vision testing or screening. The new translucent occluder allows you to view the occluded eye.

Occluder models (pictured above from left to right) are listed below for your selection.

WO-204 Single End Plain Occluder

WO-205 Single End Red Maddox Occluder

WO-206 Single End Red-Lens Occluder

WO-207 Double End Red Maddox & Plain

WO-208 Double End Red-Lens & Plain

WO-209 Double End Red Maddox & Red-Lens

WO-210 Single End Plain White Occluder

WO-212 Double End Red Maddox at 90 Degrees

WO-213 Single End Red-Lens Short Handle

WO-214 Single End Red Maddox Short Handle

WO-230 Single End Translucent Occluder