Reichert Endurance Ophthalmic Instrument Stand

Ophthalmic Instrument Stand
Ophthalmic Instrument Stand
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Ophthalmic Instrument Stand
The Reichert Endurance Ophthalmic Instrument Stand is fully equiped with an overhead lamp, conterbalanced refractor arm, and lower instrument arm. Chair elevation can be controlled with a button near the slit lamp. A flat multi-function control console ensures efficient control of all your lane operations: Chair elevation & control, overhead lamp power and intensity, corded (BIO) power and voltage selector, slit lamp power, and chart projector power. The model 15253 Reichert Endurance Instrument Stand features three rechargeable instrument wells with indicator lights on each. There is also a universal power accessory, controlled from the panel, which is excellent for the new Lighted Phoroptor! Optional third arms are also available for Keratometer.

  • Pole Height:  68.5 inches
  • Base Dimensions:  21.75 inches wide x 22 inches deep
  • Refractor Arm Vertical Range:  12.5 inches
  • Refractor Arm Length:  26.25 inches max
  • Refractor Arm Weight Limit:  20lbs.
  • Lower Arm Vertical Range:  24 to 37.5 inches
  • Lower Arm Length:  35 inches max
  • Lower Arm Weight Limit:  60lbs.
  • Corded Voltages:  6V, 7.5V, 12V, 12VFixed

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