Neitz Binocular Surgical Loupe BLD-3 with Galilean Optics on Beta-Titanium Frame 2.5X - 3X

Neitz Binocular Surgical Loupe BLD-3
Neitz Binocular Surgical Loupe BLD-3
Item# 131531

Neitz Binocular Surgical Loupe BLD-3
Neitz BLD-3 Binocular Surgical Loupe is designed for surgery performed under low to mid-level magnification. The Galilean lens system of the BLD-3 provides a bright, wide field of view and the comfort of light weight optical system performance. High quality, Japanese-made, coated glass optics are mounted with a highly versatile adjustable mounting bracket, which also easily accommodates optional head light. Well-designed Independent right and left pupillary distance adjustment knobs (47 -74mm) make for quick set-up and contribute to the easy operation of this superb binocular loupe. Working distance (approximately 14 - 10") is adjusted simply by turning the outer rings of the objective lenses. Neitz BLD-3 Binocular Surgical Loupe Specifications:

  • Magnification: 3.0x to 2.5x
  • Working Distance: 350mm to 250mm
  • Working Field of View: 80mm to 50mm
  • Inerpupilary Distance: 47mm to 74mm
  • Weight: 77g

Beta Titanium alloy is predominantly titanium, with small amounts of aluminum and vanadium. This makes the Beta-Titanium Frame very light and strong, yet more flexible and adjustable than 100% titanium. Ergonomically designed for prolonged use with or without spectacles, the new Beta Titanium frame is secured quickly and easily using the supplied lanyard with the push of a button. Both large of small saddle nose pads are included for your preference, and variable pad height is easily adjusted by way of click-detents. The Neitz B-Titanium Frame includes a removable snap-on splash guard and is also available in red, or blue color (please contact us).