Pediatric Muscle Balance Slide for Titmus iSeries Vision Screeners

Titmus Vision Screener Pediatric Muscle Balance Slide
Titmus Vision Screener Pediatric Muscle Balance Slide
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Recent Studies in the field of visual health for children indicate a need for comprehensive vision screening, especially for early detection of strabismus and amblyopia. To meet this demand, Titmus Optical is introducing new slides for its vision screener instruments designed spcifically to screen children for depth perception and muscle balance, both of which are tests to verify the coordinated use of both eyes.

This Muscle Balance (Phoria) Slide (S-PED-P) is specifically designed for use with children, ages 4 and above. With both eyes working together, the red star will be seen superimposed at a particular location on the right eye images, thus identifying possible muscle imbalance in the horizontal or vertical directon (lateral or vertical phoria). The slide provides a quick PASS/FAIL result - if the child perceives the star within the rectangular blue lake, then it's a PASS. The size of the "blue lake" is defined by a lateral phoria of +/-5cm/m and vertical phoria of +/-2.5cm/m.