Manual Lensmeter (LM-101 Copy)

Manual Lensmeter
Manual Lensmeter
Item# MA-4004-P

Manual Lensmeter
The MA-4004P Manual Lensmeter is NOT a Marco. Although It is a very convincing reproduction of the classic model 101, in look and in performance, the quality and workmanship found in the genuine Japanese-made Marco LM-101 Lensmeter is superior, which is why this Chinese-made copy can be offered at half the price. There are some noteworthy differences: This instrument employs a standard incandescent bulb in contrast to the new LED illuminated genuine article. Similarly, the MA-4004P is equipped with standard white plastic marking pins and ink pad, as opposed to the newer self-inking marking pens, now standard in the genuine Marco LM-101. Its immediately easy to use because all dials, wheels, levers and knobs of this knock-off are located where your hands and eyes expect them to be! All basic features are there, and work well, including prism compensator and familiar US Target. Therefore, it looks and feels remarkably like the original Marco 101 Lensometer. As brand-new, low-cost, manual lensometers go, the MA-4004P is sound, accurate, and a good value for the price.

Click to enlarge Manual Lensmeter Axis WheelAxis Wheel: Standard Axis Wheel

Click to enlarge Power Wheel Power Wheel: In standard 0.12 diopter Increments.

Click to enlarge Marking Pins and Prism CompensatorPrism Compensator: Rotary Prism Compensator.

Click to enlarge TargetTarget: Standard U.S.Target.