Reichert Exam Lane Package with Illuminated Phoroptor and Clear Chart Digital Acuity System

Reichert ClearChart Lighted Exam Lane Package
Reichert ClearChart Lighted Exam Lane Package
Item# Exam Lane 6 This item is no longer available.
Slit Lamp Options:  Third Arm:  Phoroptor Lens System:  Phoroptor Flip Cylinder:  Phoroptor Retinoscopic Lenses:  Phoroptor Finish Color: 

Western Ophthalmics is pleased to offer the Reichert ClearChart Digital Acuity System Refracting Lane Package with lighted phoroptor. This complete exam room package includes the following top quality ophthalmic instruments:

OS-1636 Reichert Illuminated Ultramatic Phoropter

15070 Reichert Advantage Exam Chair

15072 Reichert Advantage Instrument Stand

13750 Reichert ClearChart

15120 Reichert XCEL 255 (Zeiss Type) SLit Lamp

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Note: This package has been discontinued and superseded by the Reichert Endurance Exam Lane Package.