Reichert MK1 Manual Keratometer

Reichert MK1 Manual Keratometer
Reichert MK1 Manual Keratometer
Item# 15040

The new MK1 Manual Keratometer utilizes LED technology to provide clear, consistent lighting, which also eliminates the need to ever change bulbs. What Reichert hasn't changed are all the great features that have made this B&L Type Keratometer the worldwide instrument of choice by discerning practitioners for over fifty years. Important features of the Reichert MK1 Manual Keratometer include:

  • Dial readings are shown in both diopters and millimeters for maximum convenience, covering both corneal and contact lens measurement.
  • Both major and minor meridians can be measured once major axis is located. Features single position measurement in both meridians.
  • Accurate measurement of corneal curvatures to .012D from 36D to 52D.
  • Allows subjective review of corneal surface.
  • Measures concave surfaces for contact lens fitting.
  • Requires no patient response or judgement.
  • Easy elevation and lowering allows quick patient positioning.
  • Coincidence focusing system.
  • Engraved focusing scale on eyepiece.
  • Dual eye level sighting for vertical measurement.
  • Clear, uniform, LED illuminated mires.
  • Engraved focusing scale on eyepiece.