Keeler Professional 3.5v Ophthalmoscope Head

Keeler Professional Ophthalmoscope
Keeler Professional Ophthalmoscope
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Keeler Professional Ophthalmoscope
The Keeler Professional Ophthalmoscope's Xenon illumination gives you the power to diagnose even through a difficult eye. The postive-action easy access maywheel not only allows you to dial up the required lens quickly, but also gives you total control of where you are in the lens range. The Keeler Professional Ophthalmoscope has an extensive lens range (+29D to -25D in 1D steps) allowing easy examination of all ocular structures, covering a wide range of patient/user prescriptions. The Swing Over Red-Free Filter can be used in conjuction with any of the 6 diagnostic beams.

The new long-lasting Lithium Battery Handle is rechargeable in the Keeler desk charger. Add the Mini Charger, and you also have the ability to plug in to a standard wall outlet for recharging.