Keeler Vantage Plus Wireless Indirect with LED Illumination

Keeler LED Wireless Indirect
Keeler LED Wireless Indirect
Item# 1205-P-1020

Keeler LED Wireless Indirect
New Keeler Vantage Plus LED Wireless Binocular Indirect Ophthalmoscope features brightest light utilizing white-LED illumination for better view of the retina. Cooler LED color temperature combined with superb optics is designed to provide greater detail to help you find retinal pathology more easily than with Xenon bulbs.

Keeler Wireless Technology gives you total freedom to move without any wires or cord constraints. The Keeler LED Wireless Indirect was designed for the tight quarters of the surgical environment and eliminates the risk of tripping on wires during surgery. The Keeler Vantage Plus LED Wireless is an excellent indirect for retinal surgery. Perfect counter balance is obtained between the optics and batteries! Combined with new headband, the Vantage Plus LED illumination delivers maximum comfort and reduced fatigue.

The Keeler Intelligent Optical System (IOS) means that when you select the large, medium, or small aperture, the optics automatically adjust, providing 3 dimensional stereoscopic views of the retina through all pupil sizes.

  • Large Pupil: When looking through a large fully dilated pupil, the optics are separated and the light source remains in the upper position, achieving maximum stereopsis.
  • Medium Pupil: The observer's pupils can be moved until the best fundus view is achieved. The light source can be positioned where required.
  • Small Pupil: When looking through a small pupil the optics and light source can be converged, achieving maximum stereopsis.

Exclusive IOS optics allow small pupil imaging without any obstructions. Unlike the conventional optical systems found in other indirects, when "Small Pupil" is selected, there is no obstruction of the retina and therefore no reduction of your clinical information.

Patented Keeler HiMag Lens gives you a 1.6x additional magnification than with a condensing lens, providing superb stereoscopic images. The HiMag lens also provides a unique view of the retina when used with a 20 Diopter lens. The Hi-Mag Lens is very easy to use. Instead of reaching for a condensing lens when you want to see with greater detail, simply move in, and flip down the HiMag Lens. Keeler has also designed the entire HiMag lens to easily snap on and off the instrument.

The Keeler LED Wireless BIO is supplied with new Slimline Wireless Batteries and Charger, which can be wall or desk mounted. New instrument includes HiMag Lens.

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Trade-in your old indirect on a new Keeler Wireless. Most indirects accepted… working or not. Please contact us first for your complete quotation and return pre-authorization (800) 426-9938 or email.