Keeler KSL-H5 Slit Lamp

Keeler Slit Lamp KSL-H5
Keeler Slit Lamp KSL-H5
Item# 3020-P-2007

Keeler Slit Lamp KSL-H5
Keeler KSL-H5 Traditional Haag-Stret 900-Type Slit Lamp, featuring tower design and 5 step drum, comes with a 3 year warranty and is available in unit model (shown here) or table mount configurations. Unit modules include a power supply, table top, and mounting post which is compatible with standard instrument stand slit lamp arms.

  • High Quality Keeler Slit Lamp Optics
  • LED Tower Illumination
  • 5-Step Magnification System (x6, x10, x16, x25 and x40)
  • 8 Converging Eye Pieces: 49 to 77mm
  • Slit Width - 0 to 12mm Continuously Variable
  • Slit Length - 0.2, 2, 3, 5, 9 and 12mm circle (1.8 to 12mm continuously variable), and 1mm square
  • Filters: neutral density, red-free, diffuser, cobalt blue, yellow, and IR heat-absorbing filter permanently installed
  • Continuous Slit Angle 0 to 180 degree

The Keeler KSL-H5 Slit Lamp is available with Goldmann R900 Type Applanation Tonometer.