The newest version of the Slimline Power Handle line.

Keeler Slimline Metal-Hydride Handle
Keeler Slimline Metal-Hydride Handle
Item# K1201-500

The newest Slimline power handle has been upgraded to a 3.6V rechargeable metal hydride (NiMH) battery, which is included with this handle. The lightweight, perfectly balanced, smooth handle is made from high-quality chrome, eliminating cross-infection. This handle will work with charging wells in today's newer stands.

Keeler's Slimline Metal-Hydride Handle is designed to recharge in the optional Keeler 1941-P-1368 Lithium-Ion Duo Charger. You may also want to order the optinal instrument stand well adapter, it recharges in your instrument stand charging wells or Keeler's Mini Charger which allows you to recharge from a wall outlet.

You may add one of these charging options listed above from the Add Charging Options drop-down menu shown above.