Ocular Inverter Vitrectomy System

Inverter Vitrectomy System
Inverter Vitrectomy System
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Inverter Vitrectomy System
The Ocular Inverter Vitrectomy system (IVS) is designed to work with all Zeiss type (Topcon, Moeller, etc.) microscopes, and Leica (Wild) microscopes. Easy to operate, with steam sterilizable knob. Short profile for use with all fixed and inclinable eyepieces. No light loss in upright mode. Virtually no image shift when switching between upright and inverting modes. Crystal clear optics. Compatible with all wide angle inverting vitrectomy lenses including Volk Rols. IVS sets are available with combinations the following:

OLIV-WF Landers Wide Field Vitrectomy Lens

OLIV-EQ-2 Landers Equatorial II Vitrectomy Lens

OWIV-HM Woldoff High-Mag Vitrectomy Lens

OLV-1/4P Landers Four Post Vitrectomy Lens Ring

Lenses are availalbe for autoclave sterilization, or non-autoclavable. IVS Sets include: Two handles, Landers Four Post Ring, and Carrying Case.