Rechargeable Battery for Heine Beta Handles

Heine X-02.99.382 Rechargeable Battery
Heine X-02.99.382 Rechargeable Battery
Item# X-02.99.382

Genuine Heine X-02.99.382 (aka X-002.99.382) Battery is designed for Beta Power Handles. This 3.5v rechargeable nickel metal hydride battery (NiMH) fits the following ophthalmic instruments:

Heine Beta NT Well Rechargeable Power Handle.

Heine Beta R Wall Plug-In Rechargeable Handle.

Heine Beta TR Wall Plug-In Rechargeable Handle.

Heine Standard F.O. Laryngoscope Handle.

Heine Standard F.O. LED Laryngoscope Handle

Heine F.O. Angled Laryngoscope Handle.

This battery supersedes X-02.99.380 NiCad 3.5 volt rechargeable battery and provides superior performance.