Replacement Bulb for Haag-Streit 900 Slit Lamp and other 900-Type Slit Lamps by Dr Fischer

Haag-Streit Slit Lamp Bulb 900-930 - Equivalent
Haag-Streit Slit Lamp Bulb 900-930 - Equivalent
Item# 900-930

Haag-Streit Slit Lamp Bulb 900-930 - Equivalent
The Dr. Fischer 900-930 is a high quality replacement bulb for the Haag-Streit 900 Slit Lamp and Haag-Streit-type slit lamps. Other than the round vents in its pre-focus base, the German made Dr. Fischer 900-930 slit lamp bulb is the exact same bulb used for the genuine Haag-Steit 900-930HS bulb. In this respect, it is identical, but at a lower price. The Dr Fisher 900-930 Haag-Streit equivalent exceeds the performance of generic bulbs because its filament is configured correctly, centered, and focused at the correct distance to deliver maximum light to the mirror. This allows greater luminosity at lower power settings, resulting in longer bulb life, lower energy consumption, and less heat-wear on the electrical components of your valuable slit lamp. This 6v 4,5A (27w) bulb also fits most 900-type slit lamps, including:

  • Haag-Streit BM900 Slit Lamp
  • Haag-Streit BQ900 Slit Lamp
  • Marco IIB (2b) Slit Lamp
  • Marco IIB-R Slit Lamp
  • Marco IIB Photo Slit Lamp
  • Marco III (3) Slit Lamp
  • Marco V Slit Lamp
  • Marco V-R Slit Lamp
  • Marco V-Photo Slit Lamp
  • Marco VG Slit Lamp
  • Marco VG Photo Slit Lamp
  • Mentor Slit Lamps (bulb part# 22-4003)
  • R.H. Burton 800 Slit Lamp
  • R.H. Burton 850 Slit Lamp
  • R.H. Burton 1000 Slit Lamp
  • Topcon SL-3D Slit Lamp
  • Topcon SL-6E Slit Lamp
  • Topcon SL-5D Slit Lamp