Foreign Body Surgical Set with Algerbrush II

Foreign Body Surgical Set
Foreign Body Surgical Set
Item# MX-2007
Lid Retractor: 

Foreign Body Surgical Set
Western Ophthalmics' Foreign Body Surgical Set has everything you need to remove foreign bodies from the eye. This ophthalmic foreign body kit icludes the following surgical instruments:

18-1110 Miltex Cilia Forceps

18-688 Miltex Lacrimal Dialator

18-302 Miltex Walter Corneal Spud (curved blade)

18-398 Miltex Eye Magnet & Foreign Body Loop

OS-1975 Algerbrush II Rust Ring Remover

One lid retractor of your choice. Common sizes:

18-110 Miltex Desmarres Lid Retractor 11mm (#1)

18-112 Miltex Desmarres Lid Retractor 13mm (#2)

18-114 Miltex Desmarres Lid Retractor 15mm (#3)

18-116 Miltex Desmarres Lid Retractor 17mm (#4)

Foreign Body Set features the Alger Brush Rust Ring Remover which is supplied with 0.5mm burr, and Miltex high quality German made stainless steel surgical instruments.