Flat Fits-In Sunglasses with Tabs (Post Mydriatic Spectacles)

Flat Fits-In Sun Glasses withTabs (Box of 50)
Flat Fits-In Sun Glasses withTabs (Box of 50)
Item# OS-937

Flat "Fits-In" Sunglasses with Tabs (Box of 50) are economical, very light weight disposable sunglasses, designed to be used with prescription glasses for better patient comfort, resulting in better patient compliance. One size fits all, the tabs provide added stability to these post-mydriatic spectacles. Western Optical's OS-937 Flat Fits-In Post Mydriatic Specs with Tabs are supplied 50 per box.

Flat Fits-in Sunglasses without tabs, wraparound disposable post-mydriatic specs and Solarettes also available.