Identify & Re-Mark Progressive Lenses with The Essilor PAL-ID

Essilor Progressive Lens Identifier
Essilor Progressive Lens Identifier
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Essilor Progressive Lens Identifier
Please note: The PAL-ID has been superseded by the PAL-ID2, 3-in-1 Lens Inspection Station.

The replacement bulb for the Essilor PAL-ID is sold singly. However, there are two of these bulbs inside the PAL-ID (Progressive Addition Lens Identifier) so it may be prudent to replace both bulbs simultaneously.

See PDF Bulb Change Instructions

While Supplies Last! The Essilor PAL-ID eliminates the possibility of errors in fitting progressive addition lenses by providing a clear view of etchings. Easily identify manufacturer, model, material, and reference points. Simply hold the lens between the light source and the polarized filter with heavy magnification. Once focused, engravings appear three dimensionally embossed, and are easily viewed and marked. Confirm all power engravings, regardless of the age or condition of the lens.