DMV Original Contact Lens Remover for Hard & Rigid Gas Permeable Lenses

DMV Traditional Contact Lens Remover
DMV Traditional Contact Lens Remover
Item# OS-70

DMV Traditional Contact Lens Remover
The DMV Suction Cup (a.k.a. contact lens plunger) is simple and effective for removing hard and RGP contact lenses. Moisten the suction cup of the DMV Traditional Remover and gently touch it squarely on the contact lens. The contact lens will adhere to the soft suction cup and will come off the eye easily. After the lens is removed from the eye, gently slide it from the suction cup. DMV Traditional Contact Lens Remover/Inserter comes in a tough clear plastic storage tube. Buy 10,and save $20!


Contact Lens Magnifier Mirror
The DMV Magna Mirror (Contact Lens Mirror) works in harmony with contact lens remover/inserters. Its powerful concave magnifying mirror provides an excellent view of the eye at a distance of 1" to 5", and is supported by a durable rubber housing. Like its suction cup relatives, the Magna Mirror attaches to any smooth surface. 1-3/4" diameter mirror, x 1-1/2" deep. This DMV Contact Lens Mirror provides excellent detail for finding dislodged contacts, or inspecting the eye for infection or inflamation. The DMV Magna Mirror is supplied in a clear plastic 2" x 2-1/2" gift box.
Contact Lens Magnifier Mirror OS-74
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