Keeler Cryomatic Cryo-Surgical System

Keeler Cryomatic Cryosurgical Unit
Keeler Cryomatic Cryosurgical Unit
Item# 2509-P-1010
Gas Setup: 

The new Keeler Cryomatic Cryo Surgical System employs Smart Technology, eliminating the need to manually set up the system at the start, or during, any cryo-surgical procedure. Keeler's "Smart" system also ensures that every Cryo-Probe will always perform optimally, and do so automatically. There is electronic communication between the Cryomatic Console and Cryo-Probe. Therefore, the console "knows" the optimum operationg perameters for any given probe, and self-adjusts accordingly. The Cryomatic's gas pressure is set automatically. This means that no manual adjustment is needed.

The Keeler Cryomatic Cryosurgical Unit has a unique Flush-Back facility. During purging, about 20 seconds after the footswitch is released, the gas in the system reverses flow, but at a lower pressure. This change of gas direction after a freeze moves any debris or moisture that may have accumulated. The result is that the Cryomatic virtually eliminates the risk of problems during surgery.

Development of the Keeler Cryomatic Cryo-Surgical Unit (Console) and Probes (hand pieces) has resulted from 41 years experience with surgeons and cryo-ophthalmic instrument production. Plus, a complete re-engineering process, aimed at producing a better freeze, greater reliability and simplicity.

Cryo-Probe tips can be sterilized by autoclaving, or ethylene oxide gas sterilization. The classical cryo tip configurations have been retained, while the manufacturing processs has been fundamentally redesigned to minimize blockage due to cryogen gas impurites and moisture from sterilization.

Please also see the Keeler Vantage Plus Wireless Binocular Indirect Ophthalmoscope which compliments perfectly the performance of Cryomatic.


Standard Retinal Cryo-Probe
The Cryomatic Standard Retinal Probe 2.5mm is the most popular cryosurgical probe for retinal procedures. For use with Keeler Cryomatic Cryo-Surgical Unit.
Standard Retinal Cryo-Probe 2509-P-8020
Extended Retinal Cryo-Probe
Keeler's long tip retinal probe 2.5mm provides easier access to posterior pole areas. For use with Cryomatic Cryo-Surgical Unit.
Extended Retinal Cryo-Probe 2509-P-8021
Mid-Reach Retinal Cryo-Probe
Keeler's Mid-Reach Retinal Probe has a short shaft and right angled flat application tip to optimize contact for peripheral tears and detachments. For use with Cryomatic Cryo-Surgical Unit.
Mid-Reach Retinal Cryo-Probe 2509-P-8022
Glaucoma Cryo-Probe
Keeler's Glaucoma cryosurgical probe 3.0mm is for cyclo-destructive procedures in refractory glaucoma. For use with Cryomatic Cryo-Surgical Unit.
Glaucoma Cryo-Probe 2509-P-8025
Intra-Vitreal Cryo-Probe
Keeler's Intra-Vitreal cryosurgical probe is designed for manipulative procedures within the vitreous cavity. For use with Cryomatic Cryo-Surgical Unit.
Intra-Vitreal Cryo-Probe 2509-P-8023
Curved Cataract Cryo-Probe
Keeler's Curved Cataract cryosurgical probe is the standard for cryo cataract extraction. For use with Cryomatic Cryo-Surgical Unit.
Curved Cataract Cryo-Probe 2509-P-8024
Collins Trichiasis Cryo-Probe
Keeler's Collins Trichiasis cryosurgical probe is designed for cryo destruction of lash follicles. For use with Cryomatic Cryo-Surgical Unit.
Collins Trichiasis Cryo-Probe 2509-P-8026
Cryomatic Mobile Instrument Stand
Keeler's Mobile Instrument Stand is designed to hold the Cryomatic cryo-surgical unit and tank (gas cylinder), providing maximum accessibility and convenience. Large sturdy locking casters allow you to transport the system safely and efficiently.
Cryomatic Mobile Instrument Stand 3304-K-1086