Desk Charger for Copeland Optec 360 Retinoscope

Copeland 360 Desk Charger
Copeland 360 Desk Charger
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Copeland Optec 360 Desk charger, for Copeland Streak Retinoscope, will charge both 3.6v and 2.4v Systems. Available with "A" or "B" type charging wells.

"A" type charging wells are designed for early model retinoscopes and also fit AO / Old Reichert power handles.

"B" type charging wells are designed for newer retinoscopes and are interchangeable with B&L, Marco, Reliance and new Reichert. Will also charge Welch Allyn power handles.

Please Note: Copeland Instruments, including 360 desk charger, have been discontinued. We recommend: Keeler Combi Streak Spot Retinoscope or Welch Allyn 18245 Retinoscope.