Contact Lens Fitting, Radiuscope & Keratometer Instruments, DMV Supplies, RGP & Hard Lens Modification

Western Ophthalmics supplies ophthalmic instruments for contact lens fitting, including Keratometer, Lensco Meter, RGP Polishing and Radiuscopes. Western also supplies patient consumables such as DMV Contact Lens Remover Inserters, DMV Contact Lens Mirror and Contact Lens Cases.

Neitz Contact Gauge Radiuscope CGX-3 LED
Neitz Contact Gauge Radiuscope CGX-4 LED (Binocular)
Reichert OptoChek Plus Auto Refractor Keratometer
Regular price: $10,380.00
Sale price: $8,300.00
Reichert B&L Type KeratometerContact Lens Cases with Screw Tops
Contact Lens Cases
DMV Traditional Contact Lens Remover
DMV Soft Lens Remover
$6.20, 6/$31.20, 10/$42.00
DMV Stick Proof Contact Lens Remover
DMV 45 Hard Lens Remover
DMV Mini-Cup Contact Lens Remover
Low Vision Contact Lens Inserter
Contact Lens Tray
DMV Contact Lens Magnifying Mirror with Suction Cup
10x Scale Loupe Magnifier Deluxe
10x Scale Loupe Magnifier
15x Scale Loupe Magnifier
RGP Contact Lens Polishing Unit
Deluxe RGP Contact Lens Modification Unit
Strawberry Sponge Tool
3" RGP Drum Tool with Sponge
1" RGP Drum Tool w/ Edge Polish Sponge
3" RGP Fixed Sponge Tool
1" RGP Edge Polish Sponge Replacement
1" RGP Solid Replacement Sponge
RGP Radius Tools
Contact Lens Spinner
Stronghold Suction Cup
#0 Morse Taper
RGP Contact Lens Splash Guard
Velveteen RGP Polishing Pads
Lensco-Meter Attachment
Suction Holder Prosthetic Eye Remover and Inserter
Reichert CTS Corneal Topography System
RGP Contact Lens Diameter Gauage
Regular price: $13.95
Sale price: $6.00
Radiuscope Contact Lens Holder
Contact Lens Thickness Gauge
Radiuscope Contact Lens Holder Convex
Burton UV Woods Light Magnifier