Reichert Tilt Chair Exam Lane Package with ClearChart2 Visual Acuity System

Tilt Chair ClearChart Lane Package
Tilt Chair ClearChart Lane Package
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Slit Lamp Options:  Third Arm:  Phoroptor Lens System:  Phoroptor Flip Cylinder:  Phoroptor Retinoscopic Lenses:  Phoroptor Finish Color:  This item is currently out of stock!

The Reichert Tilt Chair provides maximum patient comfort and extra efficiency in smaller ophthalmic exam lanes. The Reichert ClearChart2 Visual Acuity System provides remote control, plus all of the features and functionality needed for the most effective and efficient visual acuity testing. Reichert's tilt chair & stand system features precise counterbalancing, sealed hydraulics, modern ergonomic design, and classic styling. The Reichert Tilt Chair Clear Chart2 Lane Package is a premium exam lane package, providing excellent performance in any optometry/ophthalmology practice.

The Tilt Chair-ClearChart Lane Package is a complete refracting lane including the following top quality ophthalmic instruments:

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You will receive a $750 factory rebate on this Lane Package. Add a Reichert Tonometer, Lensometer, or AutoRefractor-Keratometer, and the rebate will increase to $1,000.