Neitz BLS-1 Wide Field Binocular Surgical Loupe

Binocular Surgical Loupe
Binocular Surgical Loupe
Item# OS-6678T
Spectacle Frame: 

Binocular Surgical Loupe
The Neitz Binocular Surgical Loupe makes possible long performance of extremely delicate work without fatigue. The BLS-1 Magnifies 1.8x to 2.5x via adjustable objective lenses. Thus, at a working distance of 14 inches, objects appear at approximately 3" distance. An impressively wide field gives this binocular loupe an excellent balance of magnification vs field of view.

The lightweight 100% pure titanium frame (54-14-140) is extremely comfortable, durable, and corrosion resistant. It's flexible cable temples, which are essentially self-adjusting, ensure that the loupe stays secure during surgery.

This Binocular Surgical Loupe features Multi-coated anti-reflective glass optics, delivering a bright wide field of view! Loupe height, angle and P.D. are independently adjustable. The entire lens system flips up and out of your way when necessary. The BLS1 Binocular Surgical Loupe provides a bit wider field than our 4x High Mag Surgical Loupes in normal light, making it a excellent all purpose surgical loupe.

The Spectacle frame of the BLS1 Binocular Surgical Loupe is supplied without lenses. However, plano scratch resitant CR-39 lenses, as well as sideshields, are available options. In many cases, prescription lenses are available upon request (depending on prescription type) with current/valid Rx and all necessary information.

The BLS-1 Binocular Surgical Loupe includes a sturdy hard case with padded lining for safe transport, storage and protection of coated optics.