Reichert OptoChek™ Plus Auto Refractor Keratometer

Reichert OptoChek Plus Auto Refractor Keratometer
Reichert OptoChek Plus Auto Refractor Keratometer
Item# 15170

Reichert OptoChek Plus Auto Refractor Keratometer
Reichert's OptoChek™ Plus Auto Refractor Keratometer, is part of the VisionChek™ Digital Exam Suite, which combines technology with simplicity at the core of your eye exam. The compact, modern design and intuitive user interface of the Reichert OptoChek™ Plus offer the easiest user experience available for measuring objective spherical and cylindrical refractive errors, as well as keratometry. A slim, ergonomic profile and compact footprint saves valuable space and fits seamlessly into existing pre-test rooms and office spaces. It even has a small storage compartment for convenient stowing of supplies and accessories. Essential features of the OptoChek Plus, Model 15170 Autorefractor Keratometer include:

  • Simple User Interface Touch Screen Display: The 5.7” Color LCD touchscreen monitor displays intuitive icons with incredible visibility. The display has the capability of pivoting on a 50° vertical axis and 30° horizontal axis so that the Reichert OptoChek™ Plus can be easily configured to accommodate any operator.
  • Ease of Measurement: An adjustable chinrest and redesigned joystick make it easy for any practitioner to correctly position the patient for accurate, comfortable measurements.
  • Auto-Quick Measurement Mode: For even greater efficiency, the Auto-Quick mode will initiate measurement as soon as the 4x box corners turn green, reducing the amount of time needed to obtain measurement and greatly increasing patient throughput.
  • Reliability Index: Reichert's innovative Reliability Index takes into account all factors of the measurement process so you can be confident in the accuracy of your readings.
  • IOL Measurement Mode: The Optocheck's new IOL measurement mode allows for measurements on patients with intraocular lens implants or cataracts to be obtained without difficulty.
  • Wide Range: Accurately and continuously obtain wide-ranging measurements of Sphere (-30 to +22 Diopters), Cylinder (0 to ± 10 Diopters), and Axis (0º to 180º).
  • Photopic and Scotopic Mode: Scotopic Pupil Size (SPS) and Photopic Pupil Size (PPS) modes adjust illumination to assess the accommodation for different lighting conditions.
  • PD Measurement: Pupillary distance (PD) is automatically measured after reading both eyes, increasing efficiency and patient throughput.
  • Data Output Options: Data output options include a built-in printer and RS-232C interface that can be configured to send data to your EMR or any Reichert® Digital Phoroptor® for quick and immediate results. Easily connect the OptoChek™ Plus to an entire Reichert digital lane, for a completely connected exam and increased practice efficiency.

Specifications of the Reichert OptoChek™ Plus - Auto Refractor + Keratometer are as follows:

Refractive Measurement Range:
Sphere: -30D to +22D (in case VD=12) (Step: 0.12/0.25D)
Cylinder: 0 to ± 10D (Step: 0.12/.25D)
Axis angle: 1 to 180° (Step: 1°)

Keratometric Measurement Range:
Radius of curvature: 5.0 to 10.0 mm (Step: 0.01 mm)
Corneal Power: 33.75 to 67.5D (Corneal refractive n=1.3375) (Step: 0.12/0.25D)
Degree of corneal astigmatism: 0 to ±10D (Step: 0.12/0.25D)
Axis angle: 1 to 180° (Step: 1°)

Pupil Diameter Measurement:
Measurement Range: 2.0 to 8.5 mm (Step: 0.01 mm)

PD measurement:
Measurement Range: 85 mm (Step: 1 mm)

Vertex Distance:
0, 10, 12, 13.5, 15 mm

Minimum Pupil Diameter:
2.0 mm

Thermal line printer (Paper width: 58 mm)

Output Port:
Serial RS-232C port for connecting to EMR/EHR and other devices

Internal Display:
145 mm (5.7 inches) color LCD monitor

Positioning Range of Measurement Unit:
Front/ Back: ±22 mm
Right/ Left: ±43 mm
Up/ Down: ±17 mm

Vertical Adjustment Range of Chinrest:
±30 mm

Weight, unpacked: 28.1 Kg (12.8 lbs)
Height: 46.4 cm (18.3 in.)
Width: 22.9 cm (9.0 in.)
Depth: 42.9 cm (16.9 in.)

Input Power: 100 to 240V @ 50/60Hz, 60 VA
Fuse: T2AL 250 VAC
Bluetooth Power Source: 5 VDC ± 5% @ 200 mA (typical)
Power Saving Function: OFF, 3, 5, 10 min. (switchable)