Reichert AL700 Auto Lensometer

Reichert AL700 Auto Lensometer
Reichert AL700 Auto Lensometer
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Reichert AL700 Auto Lensometer provides a fast, easy way to accurately measure all lenses including Single Vision, Bi-focal, Progressive and Prism. Automatic measurements can be taken quickly by simply positioning the lens on the lens table. The Reichert® AL700 Auto Lensometer® recognizes and measures progressive lenses automatically, with the rate of addition and diopter change graphically displayed.

Features of the Reichert AL700 Auto Lensometer:

  • UV transmittance measurement
  • Pupillary distance measurement
  • Measurement of soft and hard contact lenses
  • Space saving vertical orientation
  • Full color tilt-screen for easy viewing while standing or seated
  • Easily accessible menu to customize your settings
  • Data output options including a built-in printer, RS-232C and USB ports
  • Can be configured to interface with EMR systems

Specifications of the Reichert AL700 Auto Lensometer:

  • Spherical Power: -25D to +25D (0.01D, 0.12D, 0.25D Steps)
  • Cylinder Power: 0D to ±10D (0.01D, 0.12D, 0.25D Steps)
  • Axis: 0° through 180° (1° Steps)
  • Addition: 0D to ±10D (0.01D, 0.12D, 0.25D Steps)
  • Prismatic Power: 0 to 10∆ (0.01D, 0.12D, 0.25D Steps)
  • UV Transmittance Measurement: 0 to 100% (1% Increments)
  • Pupillary Distance Measurement: 45mm to 85mm (0.5mm Steps)
  • Lens Power Measuring Wavelength: 630nm
  • UV Transmittance Wavelength: 375nm
  • Unprocessed Lens Capacity: 100mm Diameter
  • Display: 5.7” (14.5cm) Color LCD monitor
  • Printer: Thermal Paper 2.3” (5.8 cm) wide
  • External Interface: USB, RS-232C
  • Power Requirements: 100 – 240 VAC 50/60 Hz 60VA
  • Dimensions: 20” H x 11” D x 8.6 “ W (50.7 cm H x 28 cm D x 21.8 cm W)
  • Weight: 15 lbs. (6.8kg)
  • Measurement Modes: Single Vision, Bi-Focal, Progressive, Prism, UV, Hard and Soft Contact Lenses.

Please Note: AL700 Auto Lensometer interfaces with new Reichert Auto Phoroptor Automated Refraction System.

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