Luneau Cochet-Bonnet Aeshesiometer

Luneau Cochet-Bonnet Aesthesiometer
Luneau Cochet-Bonnet Aesthesiometer
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The Luneau Cochet-Bonnet Aeshesiometer is designed for rapid corneal sensitivity examinations. The Aeshesiometer is based upon the priciple of pressure transmitted axially by a nylon monofilament, of known diameter but of variable length, for a given bending stress. The length of the thread like mono-filament, controlled by the forefinger (shown above), ranges from 60mm to 5mm. As the length is decreased the pressure transmitted is increased from 11mm/grms to 200mm/grms. A scale on the Luneau Cochet Bonnet Aesthesiometer instrument indicates the length of the monofilament and is easily read during the operation. When not in use, the tip of the monofilament is fully retracted into the instrument body, protecting it against damage.

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